Here’s why Mitsubishi Outlander is the ideal SUV for a young family

Life is busy and Australians are busier than ever. That’s why it’s vital that you invest in the best family SUV that takes care of you and makes your life much easier. Mitsubishi Outlander has a multitude of features that add to your lifestyle in numerous ways and make it one of Australia’s best SUV for young families.

Let’s take a look:

Smart Key

Outlander comes with Smart Key* technology keeping your hands free so you don’t spill that fresh, barista made latte and can keep your eyes on your little ones on a busy road. You only need to press the button on the driver or passenger door and it unlocks, making it the ultimate in convenience and ease. Eliminating the need to go scrounging through your handbag or pockets to find your keys, especially when your hands are full and your mind is on your day ahead.

The handy Smart Key feature means that you can slide into your car and start the engine with a push of a button. One of those boiling hot summer days? Or a frosty winter morning? Simply start the engine and pop on the air conditioner or heater to make the car the perfect temperature before you begin your drive.

Power tailgate

With a simple touch of your Smart Key, your Outlander can activate the power tailgate^ so you can effortlessly pack away the groceries, sports gear or overnight bags without having to place your items down on the ground. Which is especially handy in wet and windy weather.

Plus, you can open and close the tailgate without ever having to leave the driver’s seat, meaning school runs will be more efficient than ever. No more holding up the queue!

And drivers love telling us that their power tailgate means much less dirty or sticky fingerprints on the back of their Mitsubishi. Less car washing means you have more time to enjoy with the kids and doing the things you love.



Smartphone link Display Audio (SDA)

As a handy extension of your smartphone, you can scroll through the corresponding apps on the large touchscreen and have every convenience at your fingertips with the Smartphone link display audio (SDA), which is more than just a hands free phone.

Efficiency and being on time will be your new way of life with this useful feature. Never get lost using the handy direction sourcing with voice guided navigation, which updates you with real time traffic conditions or text your friends that you’re on your way to brunch with ease and without compromising the safety of your driving. You can always keep your eyes on the road by using voice command or steering wheel controls.

Don’t miss out on listening to your favourite tunes, podcasts or audiobooks. Pick up where you left off when you left the house, with the ability to play audio or music from any source including DAB+ radio. Giving you more time to learn that new language, find out the latest true crime podcasts or sports updates.

With smartphone and USB connectors in the centre console and two USB power ports in the rear centre console, you can always be linked to great entertainment or connected to friends and family via Android AutoTM or Apple CarPlay in your Outlander.

7 seats

Families are all different and no one should have to miss out. That’s why the Outlander houses up to 7 seats, so you can take the whole family and even extras. For fun carpools, group activities or just extra space for everyone to feel comfortable, even on longer journeys, Outlander gives you more room so no one has to be left behind.

The second and third row seats can be easily rearranged and offer reclining seatbacks, just for that extra bit of versatility and comfort and people of all ages can enjoy being in the backseat.

These features mean that driving, even if it’s on your way to work or to drop off the kids, is a joy, without compromising the safety and comfort of anyone on board.

Discover one of the most versatile family SUVs available.

*LS and Exceed models only

^Exceed models only